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Fishing Report - May 22, 2015

.Today was the first day in while that the Corps didn't have a crazy generation schedule in the morning and Cumberland Bottom Ticklers was there to take advantage of it. Water clarity was still a bit off, but water temp was good. The morning looked like it would be very productive with a nice fog bank, overcast and no wind at all. A old friend from Lexington and I picked off a few here and there, but no real size. The bite really improved after lunch and several nice fish made it to the net. The river was almost void of anyone except for a couple of kayakers. FIshing should only improve as generation schedules become a little more regular. Flies that were productive were orange / red clown egs, pheasant tails, princes and hares ear nymphs. Again, if you find em, pick em apart. Work your seams thoroughly.Please remember to wear sunscreen. There's nothing worse than a bad sunburn from a day on the water that stays with you for a while. We hope that everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Please remember the importance of this holiday. Without the sacrifice of our verterans we wouldn't be here. Tell a veteran Thank You.



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