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Fishing Report 7-16-15

Rain, rain, rain. It seems as if the last three weeks have done nothing but rain. With all the rain came a substantial rise in Lake Cumberland. In response, the Corps of Engineers has been slamming water through Wolf Creek Dam. It looks like it may be several days before it will be worthwhile to head to the Cumberland. CBT's decided to take advantage of good weather and headed to the Smoky Mountains to chase wild trout in some of the most beautiful streams in North America. We've been fishing there for years and have lots of secluded places to sneak up on wild bows, browns, and little gems (brookies). The recent opening of Lynn Camp has seen lots of anglers so it was our perogative to stay away from there. Recent rains had bumped up stream flow to around a perfect 300 cfs and mild temperatures made for a great day of secluded fishing on.... This time of year the water temps usually rise to the mid to upper 60's and heading upstream and up in elevation will lead you to lower water temps and increased fish activity. Anyone familiar with fishing for wild trout will tell you that stealth is the most important aspect to adhere to. I've worn out numerous sets of waders and bloodied tons of stream rocks and boulders crawling on hands and knees to a potential pool or pocket water that looked to hold fish. It usually pays off. Most of the fish caught in the Smoky's are small, but for their size they fight like monsters. After fishing from dawn to late afternoon, a short trip to Little River Outfitters was next in line. I've been buying fly tying material from LRO's for years and they have always been great people to deal with. If you need anything from fly tying materials to boots and waders they have it or can order it for you. They are my favorite fly shop by a long shot. Were now entering the time of year when summer temps are getting up there. If you do head to the mountains, be sure to drink plenty of water, be on the lookout for snakes, and head up in elevation to fish. The scenery is better up high, there are comparably fewer anglers as it takes considerable effort to go high, and the temperatures are cooler. Do yourself a favor while tailwaters are crazy high, go hit the Smoky Mountains and try for a trifecta, you wont be sorry.



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