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Fishing Report 8-14-15

Cumberland Bottom Ticklers was out on the water recently with Ryan from Georgetown. The fishing was very good to downright awesome. Lots of fish graced the boat net. Nothing really big was caught, but plenty of fish in the 12-16 inch range were boated. We never keep count of the number of fish caught, but it was a lot. Ryan hadn't been fly fishing in a while, but it didn't take long for him to fall back into handling a fly rod easily. Once on the water, the fishing started and never slowed much all day. All the usual spots produced fish. In the afternoon a pop up thunderstorm absolutely soaked us in true Cumberland River fashion even though there was only a 20% chance of rain for the day. Remember to always take rain gear. Weather patterns for this coming week are good with a chance of rain midweek. With generation schedules getting back on track, fishing will still be good. Don't let a threat of rain stop you from heading to the river. Some of the best fishing comes in the calmness after a storm. Less hardcore fishermen will head for the ramp rather than take a chance on facing incliment weather. If you need to schedule a trip give us a call or send an email. We would love to see you with a bent rod in your hand!



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