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Fishing Report 8-27-15

Whew, what a week. Cumberland Bottom Ticklers was on the water several times this week. The weather has been absolutely fantastic with cool temperatures and sunny skies. You couldn’t ask for much more. The weather definitely has a feel of autumn already although it’s a bit early. If you look closely, you’ll notice a few maple trees already starting to turn. We’re getting excited about fall and winter fishing.

The Cumberland has been fishing great. Generation schedules have been very favorable for fly fishermen. Cool mornings with very little wind have made guiding behind the oars very enjoyable. In the afternoons there has been a small periodic breeze that has felt fantastic. The fishing from the Dam to Winfrey’s has been very productive and steady. We’ve lost count of how many fish that have been netted, but it’s a large number. Not many fish of size have been caught, but, typical Cumberland River trout in the 14”-17” range have been crazy ridiculous. Several larger fish have been hooked. None has made it all the way to the net. Don’t be asleep when a monster hits.

What flies have been hot? Hares Ears, Prince Nymphs, Copper Johns, Brassies, smaller Woolly Buggers, and believe it or not plenty of fish have been caught on bead head pink weenies. Don’t forget zebra midges. Be sure to brush up your Hares Ears to make em look really buggy. Believe me, you’ll notice a difference in the number of times your indicator tips. What sizes to fish? Try everything in sizes 16-20. If you aren’t getting hits, make a change in fly pattern or size. Don’t fish long periods with a particular pattern that worked the last time you were on the water, but isn’t working today. Don’t be afraid to change.

Be sure to fish smaller when the sun gets high and water is more shallow and clear. Also remember to keep your flies in the water. I’ve seen lots of people false casting like crazy. If your junk isn’t in the water you are not going to catch fish. Also, finicky trout only allow you one shot. Don’t spook that trophy fish with a false cast or plop from a poor cast.

To the couple that we saw on Tuesday from Michigan, you had the coolest boat I’ve seen on the Cumberland in years. I hope your nautical adventure is a success. If you read this report please let me know how long it took you to arrive at your destination.

Get out there and enjoy the river. It’s been fishing very well and should continue as long as really wet weather and residuals from hurricanes stay away.

Give us a call, text, or e-mail. We would love to put you on fish and see you with a bent rod in your hand! Thanks to everyone that has been following us on social media. It’s been a lot of fun!



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