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Fishing Report 9-24-15

The Cumberland has been fishing very well when generation schedules have been acceptable. A couple of weeks ago the Corps of Engineers changed the schedule to great flows during the week and poor scheduling during the weekends. Fortunately, we were able to capitalize on the schedule and enjoyed a couple of days on the water with no other boats. Fishing was very good. Many thanks go out to Bruce and Jack Neal. This father son team is flat out fun to fish with. The schedule is back on track now and flows are good on weekdays and weekends. The time to experiment with new flies and techniques is now. Cumberland trout are taking almost anything.

I’m also hearing great things from a friend that went to a recent COE presentation on the hatchery creek project. Actual pictures I saw depicting a braided stream, undercut bunkers and precisely placed boulders is exciting. Every time I float by the mouth it seems as if a backhoe is working. It won’t be long.

King Salmon are moving into the Pere Marquette River in Northern Michigan. These fish are massive and their brute strength on the take is like an underwater nuclear explosion. Hold those rods tight! These fish can rattle your bones. Many thanks go to Steve Cornetet at Baldwin Creek Lodge for some great salmon fishing on a beautiful river. Steve is a super nice guy with great fish knowledge and an infectious laugh. He’s the hardest working guide I’ve been around. It’s always a special day when two guides get to fish with one another. Check him out if you can, but be warned he is very busy (Steve, I’m coming up soon for Steelies)!

It was great to see all the guys at Stealthcraft in Baldwin too. I love what they are doing with their boat designs. Stealthcraft actually make changes that are functional not just cosmetic.

There isn’t a better time to be fishing on the Cumberland tail water than right now! Give us shout and we’ll put you on em!



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