About Me


My name is Greg Williams. I grew up in Western Kentucky and it's there that my fishing story begins.   I have great childhood memories of tag along fishing trips with my dad, uncles and my brother. However my fishing interests really began as my dad started taking my brother, sister and I along on fishing trips to Reelfoot Lake in Southwest Tennessee where he grew up fishing.  The spark was started. I still love to fish there.  

After high school, I joined the military.  I was able to do a lot of high speed things and traveled a lot.  On my travels I encountered a wide variety of fishing situations in places like the Adirondacks in upstate New York to the Little Red and White Rivers in Arkansas. I moved to Lexington, Kentucky, not long after military service and took a job that placed me on the road quite a bit. During my travels over the next 6 years, I was able to fish several times in Japan, Green River (UT), Crows Nest River (Canada), Little Red and White Rivers (AR), a great number of small streams in Wyoming, Colorado, Washington, and too many streams to count in the Smoky Mountains.  High sticking a small stream is still one of my favorite ways to use a fly rod.

I was introduced to the Cumberland River once my travels quieted. For the past 22 years, I've cut my teeth on Cumberland River trout. I've fished with tons of friends and family on the Cumberland figuring out trout behavior, habits, and generation schedules. I grew tired of being asked to guide, so I started Cumberland Bottom Ticklers in 2013. I'm married to a beautiful and terribly smart woman named Jessica and have two amazing daughters Elizabeth (11) and Amelia (14) who keep me on my toes along with our dog Rascal Lee.  I reside in Versailles, KY and work as a project manager with an amazingly talented group of people who know everything about digital aerial photography and airborne laser systems.   I'm a certified USCG six-pack near coastal captains license holder, am fully insured, and certified in adult and pediatric first aid.  I'm typically available anytime to talk trout, so give me a call, shoot a text or send an e-mail and lets talk about your next trip on the Cumberland!