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Fishing Report - May 6, 2015

Heavy rains this Spring kept the Army Corps of Engineers pushing as much water out of Wolf Creek Dam as possible. It seems as if every week there was a new storm system that dumped a ton of moisture within the Wolf Creek drainage area raising lake levels resulting in a strict generation schedule. Spring is here and flows have finally started to approach some normalcy. Floating from the dam to Helms Landing I noticed several things. First the water quality looked good. It was amazing to realize just how much water had been coming downstream by looking at the water mark. I heard two bull dozers working feveriously on Hatchery Creek. it won't be long before this gem will be ready. It was also noticed that several root wads had been relocated due to surging water. Of course there were a few new sweepers that also had emerged. It's nice to watch the river come alive this time of year. It's like welcoming back an old friend.

Around the river, new gravel has been placed at Helms landing, but it may have washed to Burksville by now. The State parking lot at Winfreys Ferry has been completed and is ready for you to visit. It's gravel ,but it's nice. No more parking on the side of the road or in the adjoining field.

Tactics that work right now are a repeat of what works on almost any tailwater. Midges, pheasant tails, copper johns, wolly buggers, varous egg patterns, skull and bones, brassies, etc, etc. If you find fish, don't leave em. Pick em apart with surgical skill. Say hello if you see me on the river and as usual, be KY polite to other fisherman.



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