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Fishing Report 6-1-16

Joe from Chicago with a fatty.

First of all I want to say thank you to all our veterans out there. I know Memorial Day can be a very tough holiday for some. For those that know someone or served beside someone that died serving this country, you have my sympathy and respect. I salute you. Flags were all over the William’s font yard and porch over the weekend. My two girls really get into putting them out.

Meagan got this rainbow to the boat like a pro

If you haven’t heard already, the Cumberland River is fishing very well right now. Typical spring rains occurred repeatedly in May shutting the river down to fly fishermen. However, the rains have ceased and recent generation schedules have been fisherman friendly. Trout fishing has gotten as hot as current temperatures. I guided two days this past holiday weekend and everyone caught fish. In fact, we didn’t run into anyone on the river that hadn’t been catching fish. Typical nymphing tactics were most successful as usual. If you drift your fly at the feeding level of the fish (tickle that bottom), and get a decent drift you will catch fish. Flies that were hot were the shop vac, zebra midge and a variation of a hare’s ear. If the indicator ticks, don’t hesitate, check your line with a hook set. The bite ranged from light to predatory like each day. If you find fish, stay with them and pick em apart. Fish your runs by presenting and working them over in 6 inch channel sections.

John got in on the fun and tore up em up!

At times it seemed like we were in a day long caddis hatch. Caddis were everywhere. We tried a couple of times to flick a caddis dry, but were much more successful with nymphing. By the way if want to double down and work with two nymphs go for it. You double your chances. Just don’t put too much distance between flies as this will introduce micro drag and turn fish off.

The main thing is just get out there enjoy the river and catch some fish. Cumberland trout are really putting on a show right now!

John and Dal were tons of fun! Dal, that monster that broke off is still out there!

Thanks for reading the report. Please visit and share the Cumberland Bottom Ticklers Facebook page and check out the website. If you want to go, give me a call or send an e-mail. It'll be fun!!


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