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"Mr. Winter" You don't scare me.

Well, it looks like Mr. Winter has finally decided to show up in the bluegrass state. Don't let cold, nasty weather stop you from going fly fishing. The Cumberland might be high right now due to generation, but don't let it hamper you from going to Hatchery Creek, the Smoky Mountains, or maybe trying a trip with a more southern location. Hatchery Creek has been fishing well. Watch for redds and be gentle if you catch a fish with eggs a plenty. Here's an informative article from Gink and Gasoline about redds. If you head to the Smokies, watch out for leaves. They are treacherous and deceitful right now. If you have a Tenkara rod, now is the time to use it on tailwaters or small streams. You won't have to worry at all about icy rod guides.

Ever tried steelhead fishing? Don't blame me if you go, get hooked on chasing steel and spend all your time, money, and efforts trying to figure out how to chase more steelies. If you opt to stay at home next to the fire and tie flies with Netflix on, that's ok too. Make sure to tie some tiny stuff that's hard, some mini buggers, and something out of your normal comfort zone. You'll grow as a tier. In all, be sure to stay active in your fishing activities and don't let a little cold weather scare you from getting out!

Feisty little rainbow from Hatchery Creek

Current state of Rainbow trout eggs on Hatchery Creek

Hatchery Creek Rainbow

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